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Grab the bike from us and join the Guided Bike Tours. It will introduce you with nicest Cadiz places with full of history and funniest stories about every place, street, building or strangest things on our way.

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The charming and captivating city of Cádiz has an immense amount of things to see and do – don’t waste half your time walking from A to B! Cádiz is a surprisingly compact city in the south of Spain. But you’ll also be surprised at how much time you may have to spend getting to and from all the places to visit in Cádiz!

And it’s not just the time, it’s the effort; as you can imagine it can get quite warm in this Spanish southern haven so it’s a good idea to make it as easy as possible to get around the Andalusian and Cádiz attractions. Enter our bikes tours! We take the heat and hassle out of travelling around Cádiz by using pedal power!

You can choose from our traditional bicycles to rent, or you can go a step up and rent one of our awesome e-bikes! Now, you know how a bicycle works right? Well an e-bike isn’t that much different. Pedal just like a normal bike, but when the going gets tough, or you just want to cruise, flick a switch, and the electric motor kicks in and does all the work for you!

Our friendly English-speaking staff can give you a heads up on where to go, and we’ll even give you all the safety equipment you could ever need; from helmets to kneepads, we’ve got you covered, literally! There are dozens and dozens of Cádiz Tourist attractions, from the awe inspiring Catedral de Cádiz, to the food market in the main street, to the many, many beautiful beaches. This city has nearly 1,000 years of history, so why not tour it in a modern and eco-friendly way?